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Hello everyone

Most of my images are classified as “poor visibility”. I modify the information (addition of 10 super tags, 2 categories, location ...), I record ... and several days later nothing has changed: the images still have poor visibility.
Who can tell me why?
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Not sure of the precise formula, but 10 supertags, 40 tags and the categories completed under optional should do it.


Having said that most people appear to agree that it's neither desirable nor necessary to get optimized discoverability for all of your images, indeed including barely relevant keywords may harm your ranking or click through ration CTR as you will get lots of inappropriate views. 


I currently have 12981 images with poor discoverability and only 294 in the good or optimized bracket.

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Poor visibility is not a problem as long as your images are well captioned and keyworded. Put full detail of what is in the picture in the caption. 'Duck in a pond' is unlikely to get any sales at Alamy. 'Mallard drake on a small pond surrounded by reeds' will give you a better chance. Research the duck, make sure you identify it correctly and include its Latin name. Find out what kind of reeds and include that in the caption. Keyword comprehensively but don't include irrlevant or peripheral keywords. Very few images really need 50 keywords, or even 40.  The quality of your photography looks fine, but you need to put work into your keywording to stand a better chance of success.


I was interested in the collages you had included. Visually they look very good, but I'm not sure how well they will sell - I don't recall ever coming across a sale of a ready-made colleage at Alamy. If you are making good sales of them, let me know, I might try some myself. 😉

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