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Many people have shared my experience of having RM files reused but not reported, often several times (in my case 20+ times), by the MuddleGroup, then OldAlamy rewarding them for their dishonesty by billing them their current price rather than the higher price they'd have paid at the time.

Yesterday I happened to be reading a Private Eye from last month. For those who don't know, the Eye is a satirical publication, which also does good investigative journalism (the editor, a generally Good Egg, is the most sued man  in English legal history - though usually the Eye has been proved right after the court cases). In particular, they often criticise the Press.

I thought this article was particularly interesting, firstly in how much the first Muddle offer is to recompense people who object that their photos have been stolen from social media and used by the Muddle - over 10x the OldAlamy rate for not reporting.

Also note the Online Editor's cavalier disregard for copyright.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehpzf454p6fq27k/Daily Mail Copyright.jpg?dl=0


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