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Contract Change 2021 - Official thread

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1 hour ago, BobD said:


Why would you want to make anything exclusive to Alamy. There would be no advantage to doing so.

Hoping to hang on to the 50%, BobD.  I batch processed some images yesterday, not image by image, whether they were or not exclusive I removed the exclusive checkmark and this morning $-20.00 other fees.  not sure if the deduction is related to that plus some other restrictions I have put on the images some are just in a straight jacket right now.  Will be going through the port again now and more carefully and selectively applying restrictions.


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Hi All
As per our note last Wednesday (page 114) we're now locking this thread. Thank you for all the feedback up to this point and for any further questions on the contract please email contributors@alamy.com and the team will be happy to help.
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