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I looked at just one of your photos, which showed crosses at a cemetary.

The caption just says "A view of Crosses above graves at a cemetery in a village" - I don't see the name of the village, or even the country in the caption or keywords. I do see the location in the location field, but that's not searchable.

Also, you have Coronavirus and Covid-19 in the keywords, but also 'old cemetery', 'ancient' ruined, forgotten. Does the photo (I looked at #2FJNB00 , but see you have a series) actually show graves of people who died of Covid? If not, these keywords shouldn't be included. If they do, 'ruined', 'ancient' and 'forgotten'  can't be appropriate. Some other keywords aren't relevant to the image either, like funeral, park place, scenic, crucifix and wallpaper.

You need to include relevant information in your caption and keywords, and be careful not to put irrelevant words into your keywords, or else you are misleading and annoying potential buyers.

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Take a look at the Images sold and Have you found any Alamy images threads. They will give you some idea of what sells. Alamy is a UK centred company so inevitably a lot of the sales relate to UK subject matter, but there are offices and agents elsewhere, and photos from around the world do sell.


Alamy suggests that you shoot locally, as you should have a knowledge of your own territory. Also exploit any specialist knowledge or access to subject matter, maybe through work, family or a hobby that you might have.


As has  been suggested above, comprehensive and accurate keywording is extremely important. You need to put at least as much effort into this as you do taking photos.

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