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Date 'Stuck' in Manage Images

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I'm sure this has come up before but might have been on the old forum.


In 'Manage Images' under the 'Location and Date Tab' I get the same date appearing all the time (20 05 13).  This is not the date uploaded either.


I've checked the data in the images I've uploaded and they are correct so where does Manage images get it's date from?


Any ideas how I correct this problem?




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There is a quirk in this area as often my images show a date of 01/01/1970 - this is erratic in that it does not apply to all images in a batch. I reported this to MS some time back without reply.

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Thanks ReeRay.


I've checked further and I think I've found where the erronous date is coming from but have no idea how to correct it.


In Elements, when I click on 'File Info', the 'Camera Data' has the correct date.  However, if I scroll along to the 'Origin' tag the 'Date Created' is the one that keeps coming up in Alamy's  'Manage Images'


I would have thought that the date created under the 'Origin' tag should be the same as the camera date.  I've deleted the erroneous date but it keeps coming back even on current images.


Totally confused now - any help appreciated.

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