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Old Slides



I have inherited many of my late Dad’s slides. Many are of family but some are of places that were taken in the 80’s and 90’s that might be of interest. If I scan them and edit them, am I allowed to upload onto Alamy even though I wasn’t the original photographer? 

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12 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

If you have inherited them then presumably you have inherited the copyright as well, in which case, yes, you can.

Thank you.  My Dad died a few years ago, he told me a long time before he died that all his slides were coming my way. 1000's!! It's taking a long time to work through them. 

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At the risk of boring forum regulars ( what's new? ) I have been spending most of this last year copying old slides - some of my own, but most, with copyright transfer, from other people who wanted to dispose of them.


You can see some of them at:




I am still hopeful that Photoshelter will one day deliver on their long promised new web templates because I have.....




...ready and waiting in the sidelines. 


Unfortunately, Photoshelter rules will not permit me to host other people's old slide photos ( other than the ones I own I mean).

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14 hours ago, David Pimborough said:


Use the archive route (if you don't have archival access send a request to Alamy) but I have both my grandfathers and parents photos and negatives which I've scanned.  As they are all deceased I have the copyright


In fact this one sold just yesterday Dad's old Fiat 500 from about 1964


An original vintage Fiat 500 D or cinquecento an Italian small car and classic rear engined design photographed in 1962. The Fiat 500 was manufactured from from 1957 to 1975 and designed by Dante Giacosa Stock Photo


Thank you, that’s really useful. I’ll look into this today. 

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