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Image sold and then refunded to buyer

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I'm sure we all have had that happen i.e. an image is sold and soon after the sale is voided because the buyer cancelled the sale and/or the money was refunded to the buyer.

I know of someone who had an image sold and ONE YEAR LATER had the sale refunded to the buyer and of course their account debited by that amount.

Anyone else had an experience like that?

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I operated as a niche agency for about 20 years with reasonable results. I had two refunds in total, both cases of bankruptcy. The only way you could recover the VAT  was to issue a credit note. Call them refunds if you like. If it wasn't for the VAT aspect, I would just have written them off as bad debts. 

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I had a sale back in 2017, licenced for book use.

Refunded a few days later.

In 2020 I found the book that had used my photo, in print. Alamy and myself are credited too.

6 months now emailing Alamy and still nothing.

The publisher is based in London, so soon I shall just contact them myself, with my own invoice for them.


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