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Adding an extra monitor using a USB3 to HDMI adaptor

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I recently bought a small monitor to use with my camera while copying transparencies and for close-ups etc.  Much easier than peering through the viewfinder.  It occurred to me that I could use it with my computer when it wasn't being used on the camera but discovered my graphics card won't support another monitor (I already have three connected!)

Not to be outdone I thought I'd give this a try, a USB3 to HDMI adaptor - not expensive so not a great loss if it didn't work, but fortunately it does.....


So I now have four monitors to work with.  For the record, the monitor I'm using is a Prechen 11.6 inch.

There is some software to install (supplied on a mini-CD) then it can be manipulated as normal with Windows display settings (you may have to reset your computer's sound output - it had transferred mine to the new monitor).

Note - I think it will only work with USB3 (I've not tried it with USB2) and Windows only.

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1 hour ago, Johnnie5 said:

If your video card has a DVI output it may be able to run one more monitor if you add a splitter and perhaps an adapter to HDMI if needed. 



I'm not sure but I think a splitter will only duplicate a monitor display - it won't operate as a separate monitor.


Daisy Chaining - looks complicated.  Above my pay grade....😎


The point of the USB-HDMI adaptor was that I just wanted something cheap and cheerful so I can make use of the small monitor when it wasn't being used with the camera.  I don't like stuff lying about idle if I can make use of it somehow.

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