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Licensed image being offered by third party.

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Hi Guys

Some time ago I sold a licence to a game producer to have one of my images very prominent on the cover of a game they produced (not via Alamy).

Now obviously that game has been pirated many times and low res images are all over the place as part of the cover design. However I have come across one guy who is UK based offering High res images of the cover of this game for download (to his premium members). This suggests that he is making money from this.

My question is can I attempt to get a payment out of him, send a cease and desist notice and, or threaten legal action for unauthorised use when the image is part of a licensed work (ie the cover design) that is also being stolen?


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Good luck.


UK based is good. If you know his full details, and he does also sell pirated software / games - perhaps inform the police. Then piggy back your claim on top. Images alone will be difficult. Get the game maker on board with this.


I doubt he will pay much attention to a simple letter. My experience tells otherwise.

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