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  1. Well this may well suit many contributors, including me. However many who make a living from photography and need to spread their work around cant easily switch to exclusive for several l reasons, and may still feel the loss in trust warrants moving away from Alamy.
  2. Thanks for the nice offers guys, I searched on that site but could not find anything myself. I was already thinking he was not a serious writer anyway, it was a very short book, and only had one reviewer that gave a single star. If you guys want to have a go at finding him for me your very welcome. I will not post the books name, but by chance the author almost shares his name with the current Manager of Celtic football club. Change the A in the first name to an O and Search for that in Amazon and the first result should be the book in question. As I said earlier I asked Amazon to re
  3. Thanks guys. I tried all your suggestions without much luck. It seems the only way I can possibly get anywhere would be to to submit a copyright infringement claim to Amazon so I have now done that. So I will wait and see what happens next.
  4. Yes fotodoge they are a self publisher. Vpics, nice idea but he has a very common name it seems, 5 pages of people with same name. Not looking good so far, for a DIY solution!
  5. Thanks for fast reply but this is sold directly by Amazon via kindle or a physical book, there is, as far as I can see no seller page cause its not sold by the author/publisher directly. All there is is a feedback page where I could raise a copyright issue with Amazon.
  6. I came across an Amazon self published Book that was using one of my images on its cover for which I gave no permission or licence. Alamy have said they did not licence it and they could pursue it if I wish. However I am somewhat angry that this dick chose to steal my image probably from a newspaper article. I therefore would like to go after him myself but I cannot find any way of contacting him as the only info on him is his name. A search on linked in gave over 80 results but I don't have an account to see them anyway. Can anyone please give me any tips on how I can contact this thief.
  7. I had a curious zoom yesterday. The search term was simply "Bristol( MR)" .Which means, I am guessing that they ticked the model release button next to the search box. The result of mine that they zoomed did not have a release(certainly not a model release as there were no people in the image.) So I tried the search myself and hundreds of images came up with no model releases. (probably because they had no people in them for the most part) The few images that did have people in them did have releases. I don't see why it would default to show images without people and therefore with no relea
  8. Can someone from Alamy please explain how I opt out of the automatic opt in allowing Alamy to collect money on my behalf from collecting agencies? I think that this is a bit cheeky to say the least, putting this in terms and conditions, as this is entirely separate from the role as our agent,in selling images.
  9. I got one of these and could see it was fishy, so I checked here first, thanks for posting explanation James.
  10. Although its a public area and outside the station, I do know that its still managed/owned by network rail so unfortunately they are within their rights technically.
  11. Bit late to the thread but 10 of mine have been culled too. At least one was taken from a public area outside Bristol Temple Meads station just showing the station façade. This is becoming ridiculous now, Soon there will be no independent sources of images of even the most familiar sites, if this mentality persists.
  12. I didn`t bother chasing up the last "spot use" in eastern europe that I had, but I too have not had any for year or so.
  13. I have had dire sales lately so thought I would try to find any usages online that have not been accounted for (from past experience I know these are neglected). I found a couple and reported one in particular to Alamy. To Alamy`s credit they did put it through very quickly. The image in question had been used originally in January and the same newspaper used it again in June, but had not reported it. However I was very disappointed with the pathetic amount I got compared to the original use. Then I noticed the licence as below. Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, any editorial digital use, one t
  14. I use Mega`s free 50gb its easy to use, fast and secure. Their 500gb service is 99euros but I don't know how that stacks up with the competition.
  15. I despair, This is just a licence to steal images. Its almost impossible to track unauthorised use in print anyway. Why give any likely infringers the ability to take whatever they want by paying a very low fixed fee?
  16. I don't know where the newspapers searched for my images but the point is they did despite being outside the scheme. The last couple were a re-use of a picture that was used a couple of years ago by the same paper (under a standard national newspaper licence) and the other has shown up as an IQ sale but was definitely used by the Times(online at least). These earned 3 and 5 times respectively what my last sale to a newspaper did when I was in the scheme.
  17. I opted out some time ago now but I still get newspapers buying my images, however I now get far better prices than I did under the scheme. moral is just opt out!
  18. XP was the best and easiest OS Microsoft produced, I have been using the same installation of XP since around 2005. several bits of hardware have failed in that time but the original installation of XP is 100% stable and runs as well or better than when I installed it. (I only have 26 processes running in task manager, including firefox) Xp was easy to configure like this so I will be very reluctant to get rid of it, but my hardware is now very dated and I do run into problems running newer more processor and, or memory hungry software. The ending of support by Microsoft is not really the pro
  19. Just trying to work out if this sale: Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, up to DPS, repeat use within a single issue Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 30 January 2014 End: 30 January 2016 corresponds to a couple of separate uses that I found on the Times Education site, published some time before Jan 9th. The dates are obviously wrong and given that this seems to have been searched on and bought via the alamy site does that mean this is a new use. I did not expect to see the use I found turn up for at least 3 months, so I
  20. Hope you are doing the right thing, it seems like one hell of a lot of work to firstly upload 5000+ images and then to delete them again. I would simply upload new images to your exclusive library and keep the Alamy ones here earning a steady income. Good luck whatever you do anyway !
  21. I left the newspaper scheme last year, more because of the unreported sales than the extremely low prices. If I had confidence that I was getting paid for every use I might put up with the low price(up to a point). As it stand at the moment its just not worth the effort to try and track sales. I really don't understand why it takes 6 month minimum to actually get paid either.
  22. Hi Guys Some time ago I sold a licence to a game producer to have one of my images very prominent on the cover of a game they produced (not via Alamy). Now obviously that game has been pirated many times and low res images are all over the place as part of the cover design. However I have come across one guy who is UK based offering High res images of the cover of this game for download (to his premium members). This suggests that he is making money from this. My question is can I attempt to get a payment out of him, send a cease and desist notice and, or threaten legal action for unauthor
  23. This is the camera that I actually wanted Nikon to produce in 2006 when I went Digital, I miss the click stop locking dials and feel of older Nikons. Shame it doesn't have a split screen microprism for accurate manual focus. I Love the look of it and it is cheaper than a D4 with the same sensor but it does seem a tad overpriced. At the moment you have to buy it as a bundle with a standard 50mm lens, I already have 2 standard lenses, I don't want another !
  24. Its nice that Alamy have recently reduced its payout threshold. All we need now is for the reporting system/payment clearing to be fixed. I don't go into a shop, pick up something and walk out with it telling the shop keeper Its okay I will pay you in 3 months, oh and by the way you'll have to wait another 3 months for the payment to clear after that. To OP: If youre in the newspaper scheme, dont get too excited, you will be lucky to get around $11 net
  25. I`m also not affected by this either, but It I feel its totally wrong given that Alamy now charge 50% commission and as ManWay says they earn interest on all that lovely lolly in thier Bank waiting to be paid out.
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