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Android App that helps generate keywords?

Hal Saunders


I've just joined up, my first three photos have passed quality  control and are now on sale. Despite racking my brains over the keywording all three are rated as poor on discoverability. I haven't turned up an Android app to help with keywords although there is a Windows one, A2Z, that looks promising. 

Any suggestions for an app to help with keyword suggestions, (Andoid preferred but not essential) to help get my photos higher up in search results? TIA

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From a search of the Alamy Blog:-






Probably the most commonly raised topic we get asked about is the new ‘discoverability’ bar which appears on all images in AIM. The discoverability bar is not in any way ‘reading’ or ‘scoring’ the quality of your metadata, it simply increases with the volume of searchable information you enter.

Searchable information includes not only captions and tags but also the ‘optional information’; number of people, property, date taken, location, primary and secondary categories.

It is not a requirement for you to add extra information here as your images are already on sale and can be seen by customers, it’s optional. Sometimes, possibly more often than not, you may have an image that doesn’t require the ‘full quota’ of tags and information and its fine to leave these without boosting discoverability further.


Good luck and stay safe.

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