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VOTE December 2020 challenge - Repetition


VOTE December 2020 Challenge - Repetition  

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  1. 1. VOTE December 2020 Challenge - Repetition

    • wiskerke - R0GHE6 Japanese taxis in front of Fukuoka Hakata Station waiting for passengers
    • Sally - J8Y2X0 African or Jackass penguins, Spheniscus demersus, in beach colony, Simon's Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, in line preening feathers
    • gvallee - FTDXDT Low Tide near Sorrell, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia
    • cbimages - HBHW1R A closeup of hard corals showing the coral polyps. Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. Bali Sea, Indian Ocean
    • Gnans - WAH6M5 Breitling Jet Team formation flying aerobatic with smoke trails in air
    • NYCat - H8NAJ3 Three adult Grevy's Zebras, Equus grevyi, standing together grazing, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Samburu, Kenya, Africa
    • Inchiquin - F59AM5 Line of London buses on Westminster Bridge painted with poppies for the British Legion
    • Colin Woods - RBJ94G Architectural details of One Queen Street East tower in downtown Toronto, Canada

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