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Enhancements to the Portfolio section

Stephen Dwyer

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Hi Alamy

This section is a potential win for both of us but its functionality is really limited. I use this to show images to prospective buyers (aka anyone) and its very handy but the site's options are strictly limited and as far as i recall, hasnt had any work since it was first launched. Simple things like being able to re-order the tabs or alter the position of photos on pages beyond the first page would be very handy. Each time someone looks at my portfolio they are alerted to the fact that Alamy exists so we both win.


Kind regards



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Same observations. Would be great if the portfolio could be enhanced.


The layout of the galleries is a bit mechanical (it even truncates the names, from what I have seen in my very limited experience with it). Secondly a simple slide show would've created a more immersive experience.  It's always nice to see a themed collection so as Stephen suggested, would be great if the contributors could select the order of the photos in a gallery.     

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