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  1. Same observations. Would be great if the portfolio could be enhanced. The layout of the galleries is a bit mechanical (it even truncates the names, from what I have seen in my very limited experience with it). Secondly a simple slide show would've created a more immersive experience. It's always nice to see a themed collection so as Stephen suggested, would be great if the contributors could select the order of the photos in a gallery.
  2. I wouldn't delete an image which you feel a connection with even when it's soft. Photography is about preserving memories. I am part of a group of artists/photographers where we share anything that we feel is worth sharing . We appreciate our passion for creativity, technical excellence is secondary. Perfection is for machines, not humans 🙂
  3. Nigel, looks like your submission kick-started the QC queue, my submission just got accepted 🙂 Hope Dave Colman's submission also gets through.
  4. Same here, my last submission has been in QC for almost 8 days. My previous submissions were cleared in 4-5 days so been wondering what I have done wrong this time. I am fairly new myself, and am on 2 stars so not expecting the speedy treatment but felt a week was a bit excessive. I also imagine that a failed submission shouldn't take any longer?
  5. Excellent tip, David, thanks again. You are right about marginal quality images, I have many photos with a really nice impact/message but technically they will struggle to pass the QC. I must admit I was tempted to upload them but wanted to check what would happen to the submission if any of those got rejected. I feel much better informed now. Glad to see such nice support on the forum 🙂
  6. Hi David, thanks for the reply. I haven't had the time to think about captions, tags etc. Just wanted to understand how to use this platform efficiently - e.g. upload lots of files in a submission or use smaller sets - so that partial failures don't make the entire set unavailable.
  7. Hello, I have just become a member (passed the test submission) and was going to upload my first proper collection of images. However, I wanted to know what happens to QC passed images in a submission which has some QC failed images. Will the passed images still be available for sales or will the entire submission become unavailable for sales? Apologies if this has been answered before.
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