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  1. I originally registered under Christine Baker but soon found out that was a mistake on my part. I have changed to Christine M Baker. If i wanted to direct a customer to my 1100 imaged how do I do that ?
  2. SFL I am new to Alamy, do you see a lot of $1 sales ? I don't have thousands of images up yet, I am still uploading, but the one sale I got was $25. Is this the average price? One sale I got from another Stock House was actually 25 cents ! Any comment would be appreciated
  3. Stephen I agree with your comments on limited functionality. We need more ability to control tabs and to have more tabs. I travel extensively and I like to categorize what country the images are from. I am still loading images to the Portfolio and I find it cumbersome.
  4. With the cost of hard drives getting cheaper I do not delete anything. From Time to time I will go back to an images for a new current use.
  5. Noel What does the insurance cost in Ireland and the UK. I have had insurance in Canada but not overseas. Thanks
  6. I agree with you all. I spent some time last night looking at Shutterstock and Alamy and the images are already out there. May the force be with us.
  7. Just got this Dear Christine That photography or video at national monument sites for purposes other than private use does require permission in advance Regards Jaki Jordan Foreperson OPW Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny City
  8. Noel I was looking at the opw.ie site and I came across a cost sheet for taking images of the inside of castles. But the way is was written seemed to lean towards commercial film. There is also a site called http://www.copyright-free-photos.org.uk/castles/ which allows for limited images. I only shoot stills. I have started emailing all the Castles to get their input. So far I have approval for Birr castle for the outside. I am working on one castle that might get me full access to the castle except the owners areas. But i am waiting for the l
  9. I am planning a tour of Ireland in the spring. Has anyone got any experience on the legal/cost issues of taking images of Castles ? The only thing I came up with a 200 Euro fee for one hour !
  10. I have had this problem as well. The only answer I could up with was to strip any tags and leave it as Not on Sale
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