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Plant ID help



I'm struggling to identify these using plant apps, etc, so would be grateful for any help.

This one could be Lawson or Leyland cypress possibly




It looks like rose hips on this shrub, but they were smaller than the usual dog rose ones I see in the countryside





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Hi Gillian


I'm no conifer expert but I think the id on #1 is more likely to be Lawson's cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, than leylandii due to the smoother surface.  Leylandii cones are quite lumpy.


For #2 and #3 I'd look at Cotoneaster rather than rosa.  Same family so the hips will have similarities but the leaves don't have the serrated edges of the Uk wild roses.  If I was guessing I'd start my search with at Cotoneaster simonsii, a species that is increasingly naturalising (bird sown) in the UK.

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