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hello everyone!


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I have been taking photographs as a hobby for almost 2 years now, and after hearing about Alamy I decided to give it a shot! (pun intended?) I'm glad to be a part of the community, and I was wondering about any tips or need-to-knows to get started on alamy. 
Thanks everyone! 

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I think you have made an excellent start with the images you have. I read every word on the forum for months before I joined and that helped me, I believe. Don't forget that no one will find your images if you don't keyword them well. So far, you seem to be doing that. Maybe some people will have tips about it. Don't be impatient. It takes a long time to make sales and to have them recorded. Check out your dashboard thoroughly..Sales History and Measures... so you can check for views and zooms as well as sales. Welcome to the community.



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Hope you'll make good sales. It does take some time as mentioned above. It seems sales start coming slowly after half a year or more. Your urban images are interesting, and a couple I checked out have good amount of keywords.


This one here is pretty cool - 2D9CX27. I think you can add tower as keyword, perhaps famous landmark, and the tower's name. I've found that the captions are super important, so putting the tower's name alongside the skyline would be helpful to come up web searches.


Good luck!


Alex g.

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