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Individual Image Sales

George Munday


Does anyone know if it's possible to check through the dashboard if an individual image has been sold, at any time, by Alamy. I've one or two oldish pix appearing on websites and before chasing the user, it would be helpful to exclude Alamy as a scource.


Many thanks. 

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Best bet is:

Click on the Download Sales Report on your dashboard

Set the date range to whatever dates you want to cover.  It should be possible to cover all your image sales dating back to when you first joined Alamy.

Select Date of Invoice from the drop down

Leave all the reporting fields ticked

Click Go

Click download


You'll end with a CSV file that can be opened in any spreadsheet program.  From there it's easy to do a search (Ctrl=F for most Windows programs) or set up a filter.  I usually use the Alamy Image ID as my search parameter as it's easy to copy and paste from your image portfolio.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Kay and John for taking the time out to answer my query. 


So just in case anyone else has a similar problem - just follow their instructions. I set the date to 2007 - when I started with Alamy - then pasted  the downloaded CSV file into Google Sheets. From there it was easy to search on the code of the specific pics.


Oh that life was always so simple!


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