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Website was down all day yesterday 18th August and today I can't get my contributer dashboard up - all the links keep geing back the Alamy front page.


Assume it's not just me - any updates on when this will be sorted?



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5 hours ago, FRP said:

Well, over a week and still NO DASHBOARD working!!!!! impossible to do anything

what is going on???

any returns?



I got my dashboard back about 2 days ago. Managed to upload a total of 109 images, but I am still waiting for them to be reviewed.
I am using Safari on a MacBook Pro and I did clear my cache.
But if you have cleared your cookies and cache then maybe the server that your account resides on has not been restored yet.

This is only speculation but with the millions of images on this site I suppose it is possible that the accounts and images are stored in groups on separate servers.

If that is the case then perhaps the server your account resides on has not been restored yet.
Again this is just speculation because I don't know how Alamy stores the data.

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