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Question about account

Augustin Lazaroiu


Hi, I am a contributor at Alamy and I have a question about my account. 
I recently started shooting in the studio with models and I want to upload this photos (with Model Releases).
Since my current account is comprised mainly from landscape photos, should I create a new account for people photos?
If I upload people photos to this account will it affect my sales potential in any way ?
Thanks !

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My suggestion would be to just use a different pseudonym for those images. I only use one so perhaps I'm not the best person to advise you. Some people who use different pseudonyms will probably have some advice.



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I don't think many searches are for us by our photography names.  The searches are for things like "Latinx using iPhones" and "Marantha plant in pot"  and "cichlid pair breeding."  What people will see in a search will be all photographs that fit the search terms (and some which don't which will not help you).  Most photo editors or their assistants won't look much beyond the first two pages.   If they're looking for released photos of people, that narrows the search down.


One reason to used pseudonyms would be for sorting what work of yours is getting more zooms and sales than other work of yours. 



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