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location in Alamy Image Manager

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Good morning to all of you,
I have a doubt that I would like to share with you to check if I am doing the correct procedure.
When I go to index the images in Alamy Image Manager, in the part referred to the Position in "Optional" the location does not come out automatically. I remember that at the beginning he typed the first part of the location and automatically the program resumed the map. Now this is no longer possible. Can you confirm that this is so? Maybe I have imprudently disabled some automation.
Thank you!
lorenza 🙂
(sorry, I used the google translator)

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10 minutes ago, gvallee said:

You are absolutely right Lorenza, you now have to enter the location manually. It is no longer possible to use the map.

thank you very much Genevieve
Now I am more calm, I am doing well (not like you, but I continue ...)
Thanks again and a beautiful day for you ...


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Possibly another thing to note is that it's not clear whether the entire contents of 'Location' is generally searchable but it is known that the terms 'USA', 'UK', 'Europe' and 'Australia' in the main Location dropdown are only picked up from that Location field so best to enter them if appropriate. Of course Alamy are at liberty to change the way their search works at any time.

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