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Sony Autofocus

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Am I mistaken in thinking that the autofocus on my Sony RX100-V works faster and more accurately when I have the camera set on Intelligent Auto or Superior Auto than when it's set on A (Aperture)? Also, I usually shoot in bursts of three . . . and one is always sharper than the others. The autofocus on my newer Sonys (V and 6) is a lot better than it was on my RX100-3. 





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Have a look at your files if there's a difference there. Like a higher ISO with the ones that showed the faster focusing.

Or a wider aperture.

The defaults for the Auto settings can be different than your own settings for Aperture.

The newer ones (mkV and onward) are faster because they offer Phase Detect AF. Make sure you have your RX100 set to Phase Detect AF in the Aperture Mode: it is a setting somewhere.

Phase Detect is default on for the all auto settings afaik. So that could be the cause also.



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I've been using full auto a lot lately. No matter what setting I've been using, I've not missed any shots. And I've been trying get some telling captures of Deliveroo bike people, which is trickier (more like sports photography) than snapping signs and buildings.




The data on my three quick snaps is mostly that same. Wim, this could be my imagination. I am bored. ☹️

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