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To find out if any are creative in their own right (rather than search terms) search your contributor name in advanced search and then click creative tab when your images come up

Thats not correct, it doesn't show all your creative images.


As space Cadet says, you have to use a search term to bring up yours images (not your name or pseudonym) and see if any are included.


Which unless you want to spend weeks searching makes it impossible to find out, unless someone knows another way.


However, It would be good to know.



You are both correct as there are two types of Creative images - those selected as Creative by Alamy which come up for your pseudonym AND those selected by customer activity which only come up for specific search terms.

I have 15 of the former and lots of the latter but, as Tony says, the latter are really difficult to find as the search term has to be exact.



And the latter are pointless. Rye Sussex gives 2 of mine yet Rye East Sussex shows none, so if someone does the correct search they don't get mine (sussex on its own does not exist). If alamy feels that they are creative on a search term they should make them creative in their own right. Rye UK shows none, Rye England shows none etc etc etc. How can something be creative in one search term but not in its variant. As for correctness I did state that it was how to find creative images in their own right and not those under search terms

I couldn't agree with you more Kevin.  I have lots of similar examples.



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