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Late payment?



Have you been paid this month? On 1 May I got the customary message saying a payment was on its way and would arrive within nine days.

So far, it hasn't. I went to my account to confirm that my (American) bank details were correct.

A question posed to member services got a Covid-related form letter response, which is understandable.

If others are having the same problem, I'll leave it alone. If it's just me, I'll try again to reach Alamy to see what the problem is.

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Thanks for the reply, Michael. I've received direct deposits at the same bank in the past, also within the first week.

No doubt it's a bad time to be bothering Alamy with such problems, but I'll write to them.


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On 19/05/2020 at 09:47, sooth said:

no problems here, major american bank, deposited on the 6th.

Thanks, sooth. It is a smaller bank, but I've had no problems with Alamy payments in the past.


Update: got a reply from Alamy finance.

Apparently it was sent by Alamy on schedule, so it fell through some crack in the banking system and will get sorted eventually.


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