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Portfolio Milestone reached during lockdown. Risking a Lockdown photoshoot

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On Saturday, when the Alamy data-base updated, my portfolio image total reached and surpassed 10,000 images. A moment of muted celebration, given the hundreds and thousands of hours needed to achieve  this milestone. But, this achievement feels a bit hollow at present, because, like many other businesses,  the lock down has effected the stock photography business dramatically and not for the better, since sales, zooms and views have taken a nose dive!  Of course,  there is  now a considerable demand for lockdown-related images, so  I've  taken the decision, like a few others here on Alamy to start documenting the effects of the lockdown, starting with the borough where I live, in Lewisham. At least I can feel slightly safer in an area I know well, rather than wandering around up in the centre of London,  which has already been extensively photographed during lockdown anyway.  

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On 04/05/2020 at 10:00, Sally R said:


Congratulations John! That is a great effort and major milestone to meet. Documenting the lockdown in your area sounds like a good thing to do at this point in time. Some of those images may well be historically significant in the future and used to document how things were, and also potentially relevant to news outlets in the present telling lockdown stories. All the best!

It will be interesting to see what happens to lockdown imagery when this is all over.  Most “news stories” have a limited good  sales window followed by a long tail of limited sales.  This is quite different to stock methinks which I perceive to have a a fairly straight line sales usage.


The virus imagery portfolio is now well saturated- the next news trend, I think, will be “the new normal, step by step”

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