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Uploads on subjects with multiple distinct subsubjects, eg.Parade



I would hate to be like those contributors that uploads 250 images of horses, with little differentiation,  from the same minor event, but i wonder what people feel is reasonable.


Let's take example a parade, with 2-3 images for each float be excessive?  

A folk festival for each distinct acts having 2-3 global images, 1 image of each distinctive costume, 2-4 portraits.  That might still mean 100-150 upload from one subject in one shot. 


Or should i only focus on the most likely to sell and skip the marginals?

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8 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



So with 20-30 different cultural groups represented you just dismiss a majority of them?


If i look at your images of the Common Ground Committee public forum , you have 12 images for 2 speakers....  so this is 6 images per subject.  

Sorry Jean,


It would appear that you really do not understand what I wrote or was tying to say.  It is a waste of my time to detail all of the factors that go into

image selection, as I wrote: "It is learned" and Google will not help you or anyone, except of course to see what else is available. 


The number of images of each speaker or any speaker at any event is irrelevant. 


"Experience is the basis of Knowledge."



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