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Archive image sizes

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Archive images by their very nature have imperfections. This is why there is a much smaller minimum submission size set by Alamy. Elsewhere in Alamy-land the advice has been that buyers prefer larger image sizes. So this creates some potential tension - large image size or most appropriate for the image and consequently limit end user choice?


How do you decide what size image to upload for Archive?


Do you make some assessment of what is a useable size for the client based on the nature of the flaws in each image?


Do you have a certain size and just stick to it for the sake of consistency of workflow regardless of each image?


Do you upload the largest file you can and just not worry about it?

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Minimum (3250 long side for scans) for archive, but that's largely because I don't think my DSLR scans from 35 would necessarily pass QC. So that answer doesn't help you much. Except that 3250 is my downsize for high ISO images in the general collection anyway.

I think my 6x6 scans (made with a kit 18-50 of all things) probably would pass QC. They're from a Hasselblad. But as I'm now on five stars, and have scanned all the 6x6 I need to, I'm unlikely to find out.

That's answer (1).

2: no; 3: yes, an export preset, 4: see (1)

Edit: the minimum size is smaller, isn't it? By 5 MB  do they mean 5 MP? I can't see any reason to submit anything that small, especially from a DSLR scan.

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I've have sent a request to CR.


I have uploaded quite a few archive images at just over 5Mb - put they were of old 19th engravings that I scanned on my flatbed. They weren't photos. I did photograph a few of these as a try-out and the file size ends up being much, much bigger though don't think a print would be any better for it. 


I routinely reduce Archive images to the minimum size because they look better, but perhaps I shouldn't have done this. 


I'm scanning some 35mm pics at the moment for Archive. Some I can legitimately send as full 60Mb+ files albeit that they have some minor flaws, but others would look truly horrible at that size because the emulsion is flaking up and there are spots and 'cobweb' marks all over.

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42 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

So about 1.7 MP for RGB then. Pretty tiny.


Yes, so the actual end use for any sort of print is very limited in size.


Maybe best to leave this to the end user and upload a larger file than you feel looks right?


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