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Emily Shelley appointed Managing Director of Alamy

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Emily is currently Managing Director of Sticky Content, a full-service digital, creative and social agency within the PA Media Group. She began her career at PA Media 20 years ago. Originally training as a journalist, she worked as Features Editor and later Head of Entertainment, before moving into business development and management positions.


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 Fabulous to have someone with journalism and marketing experience in charge. 


Speaking of journalism -- 


I just got 2 of the 3 zooms by someone looking for photographs of my suburban hometown today and the first image Alamy licensed for me this year was taken in the small beach community where my family has a summer cottage, so I'm feeling more confident in my decision to leave many of my small town American photographs here. Although I was initially discouraged by the slow start this year, the low $$ pricing, and worried about PA Media's UK focus, since I am seeing more activity in terms of views, zooms and sales in my editorial pseudo, perhaps this bodes well for editorial images at least. 


A lot of my regular stock is travel, so my regular stock pseudo should get a boost from increased editorial activity, and my last two zooms in that pseudo were from place name searches. 


Hopeful, I think 😎


(I repeated some of the facts from an unrelated post those reading this might not see)

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