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Plant ID help please

Stephen Dwyer

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Hi Folks, just wondering if I can call on your collective wisdom to help ID these two plants. Shots were taken at the Heide Museum in Melbourne, Australia in a kitchen garden. I doubt they are Australian natives. My researched guess for the blue flowered second image is a type of Salvia but i have no idea for the first one.2ATTP5D.jpg2ATTPB9.jpg

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Long time since I've been on Flickr 😀


I'll agree it's a Salvia - the flower shape looks right.  Now the fun begins.  There are lots of different blue salvias, many of them warm climate and subtropical - and you can grow a lot more in Sydney than I ever could in far cooler Plymouth.  Which means it's difficult for me to nail down the exact species and variety.  Having said that the more I look at your shot the more I'm inclined to go for Salvia 'African Sky'.  We've had it in our plant sales area but haven't grown it in the garden so I can't be definite.  I know it's available in Australia, would fit well with your climate, the flowers match and the branching inflorescence is unlike other blue flowered salvias that I know of.  Worth a try when doing a comparison search.

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