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Editorial Images

Kim L




I'm a new contributor.  Can you tell me if there is special information I need to include in my caption when posting editorial images?


For example:


June 23, 1999; New York City, New York, USA :


I couldn't find anything on this website for that.  


Thank you in advance. 



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The requirement for at standard editorial image caption (Location, Date) is only a requirement on images submitted through the Live News channel - which nowadays most ordinary contributors don't have access to. It is not a requirement for ordinary submissions, though there is nothing to stop you using it if you feel  the subject of the image is very specific to the time and location. There is a location field in the optional info tab of the Alamy Image Manager, which is not searchable , but appears to the customer in the image information on the sales page. The date the photo was taken can also be included under the optional info.

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3 hours ago, David Pimborough said:


Hi Kim


I suspect you are submitting to that other agency sh*****stock based in NYC whose editorial requirements are strict in that they require city, state, country - date : and then the description.


Its the only agency I ever came across that requires that format and I add it to the metadata during processing.


However for other agencies like Alamy its not necessary and I always remove the place/date in the description after uploading as it allows more room for a more detailed description



if it helps, they have soften up requirement, and the location date, can be added at the end of the caption, which helps as this is what gets cut off on Alamy upload if it exceeds the 150 characters.



Back to OP's question.  There is no rules to say you can't include the information in the Caption on Alamy it's up to you, however be conscious that this means the info will be included in searches and in results, so if the date and place is not really relevant to buyers you could get false positive searches and affect your CTR for no reasons whatsoever.  

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