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Are you a wimp or a trooper?

Betty LaRue


When it comes to weather, do you get out and shoot no matter the weather, or do you stay home when it’s very cold, windy, rainy, dull skies?

I stepped outside this morning. Sun shining, blue skies, but only just barely above freezing temperatures. Very windy, so the wind chill is significant.

I’m a wimp, I guess, because I’m staying in today.

If the temps were moderate, I’d be out there no matter the wind.

Of course, I prefer blue or partly cloudy skies but in flower season, I love the great soft box in the sky. Bright overcast.

I shoot during rain only if the water is gushing, I can find a flooded area and if I can keep my camera dry. Usually from the window of my car.

i like shooting snow, but only if it’s more than a dusting, a good cover, and love when it is windless and collects on fences and branches.

How about you?


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2 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:


What? An old pair of jeans, one with holes and rips in them? Those are high-fashion glamor duds now. Better you should buy a new pair. 

I get your point! 😄 but those holes and rips won’t keep the beans in, you know. Besides, I don’t like drafts or cold spots.


Funny about that. My granddaughter loved a pair that was ripped. She constantly wore them to school. One of the rips was close to indecent, (ok, it was indecent) high on the back.  Not only wouldn’t keep the beans in, but not keep something else in, either.
My son, who had many arguments with her about them, took the chance and threw them away while she wasn’t wearing them.  When she found out, she had hysterics. Absolute total meltdown.

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