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Purple Banding

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Below is an image I have uploaded twice to Alamy, first as a Live News and second after deleting from live news having noticing the purple banding. I checked my image file on my computer with no banding showing. The Image as now passed Q.C., I cannot see how and is now waiting for some keywords. I have emailed Alamy (see below) regarding this problem. Any ideas what could be causing this purple banding?


Image 2A6C79G which is waiting in Q.C. at the moment appears to have a purple banding making up about two thirds of the image. I first notice this in a batch of 7 images I uploaded on the 23rd Oct. ( uk weather Alamy Live News) Alamy I.D. OL9210605, which I deleted in AIM. This banding only appears on this image and thinking it may have been an upload error I again uploaded just this image on the 25th.Oct. Alamy I.D. OL9223629 for the banding to reappear. I have no issues with this banding on my computer files. By all means delete this image but can you through any light on what is causing this problem.

Many thanks 



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How incredibly strange. It must have something to do with how Alamy converts to these preview jpegs as it seems inconceivable that it could alter the original file that you uploaded so presumably if one was to purchase the image one would get the normal version. Please keep us posted. 

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