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Single words from multiword phrases returned in search



Can this be stopped?

Example, I have some images that have "York Harbor Beach" "New England" and "Mothers Beach" (the local nickname for it).

I get search results for

New York

New York Harbor

New York Mothers

England Beach




The only single words I have from those is "York" and "Beach"

Most of the searches in my Alamy Measures are like this, with zero zooms and clicks of course.


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4 hours ago, DCSmith said:


That's exactly what I was talking about happening.


Gee . . . if you stop long enough to look closely, you'll see that's exactly . . . exactly . . . what everyone who has responded has been talking about. Everyone understands, as every response shows.


Seriously, if I were you I'd be much, much more worried about the chance of false positives as a result of your use of irrelevant (or at least unnecessarily ambiguous) keywords--that's an issue you yourself can affect without having to rely on any action from Alamy.



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20 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



reported bug which Alamy is investigating,  See other thread




That thread gave me my belly laugh for the day - thanks! I'd have given you two greenies, if I could, but you'll have to settle for the official LOL symbol and these: 👍🏻👍🏻

Glad to see the official Alamy sense of humor too. 

Edited by Marianne
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