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Tablet annotation (with s-pen)

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I spend a lot of time on my desktop processing pictures, and would like to spend more time on my couch with my tablet (Galaxy Tab A with s-pen) for annotating images.

Betty - I think you had asked about something similar a while back.

My main problem is the mouse equivalent of clicking and dragging using my finger (or pen).

For example, clicking and dragging to combined two keywords into a phrase.  I'm actually more bothered by another site that requires KWs to be listed in priority sequence, which requires a lot of "clicking and dragging" to get them in the right order.  Can this be done on a tablet when on a website like Alamy, not a special app?

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Since I tag in Bridge, I already have my phrases completed before uploading. So I do not need to click and drag. Same for putting the most important single tags first, and next to each other. As a result, I have not tried dragging on my tablet. If I needed to do a lot of that, I believe it would probably be on my desktop.


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