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For my 2p worth, to get sales I think you need to:


1. Take more images and of a wider variety of subjects if possible. Take pictures of what you eat. Take pictures around the home. Take pictures of people.

2. Having had a sneaky look at your portfolio, I think you could do with opening up the shadows on a number of your images. I suspect this has come down to the time you have taken your images and the harsh light (and so deep shadows) that this generates. I often suffer from the same problem as I tend to take photos when I can rather than in ideal conditions.

3. I think you need to revisit some of your keywords. I think you know this from comments on other threads but as an example:


Image: WAN1RW


I would go with:


street cleaner, cart, dust cart, rubbish cart, trash cart, outside, outdoor, outdoors, workman, sit, sitting, seated, sat down, bench, rest, resting, break, relax, relaxed, relaxing, fluorescent overalls, dirty clothing, wearing protective overalls, wearing sunglasses, wearing shades, hot, summer, heatwave, UK, England, United Kingdom, man, male, alone, working, break time, environment, street


I do tend to be quite verbose in my keywording and other people might suggest a more condensed list but this is what I would use. There will be false-positives in as much as this image would be returned in results whereby it maybe shouldn't but I think that this is better than an image never being seen because it has hardly any keywords.

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