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Hello everyone. 


I just recently got started on Alamy and was wondering: do you think my Pentax Q7 has what it takes to meet Alalmy's quality criteria? I have taken plenty of pictures which I believe were great until I tried submitting them and having them rejected with a message that said "Sorry, but this camera doesn't produce images of high enough quality for our requirements".


I have seen an amazing photographer whose work I like a lot; his name is Mark Phillips and has the same vibe that I wish I could express with my pictures. Anyways, I thought maybe it was a matter of resolution, which my camera has set in 4000x2248 and 300dpi, but then I checked that his photos are almost all in 3600x2400 and 300dpi so relatively similar. I then thought maybe some of my pictures had blur or were overexposed but I have submitted a photo with a clear sky that is not overexposed and saw that some of his photos emphasize on the blur so I don't know what I need to be looking for.


Should I put on more effort on the postediting or is it perhaps the fact that my camera has a 1/1.7" sensor? My Q7 is the only camera I have available so if it is indeed my camera's fault I have no idea what I would do. Hope you can help me, any feedback is endlessly welcomed. 


Thank you for your attention.

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The sensor is tiny so probably not. The smallest sensor that I know contributors here are using is probably the 13x8mm (approx) on the RX-100, and the Q7 is about 5x7mm. Barely a quarter the size. The interchangeable lens may give it an edge and some of the samples on dpreview look borderline, so maybe with some very careful shooting and post work you can pass.

Try three very conservative images for your initial sub- good light, fast shutter speed or tripod, around f8, nothing fancy. If they don't pass you've had it with that camera unfortunately. If you upgrade, go to APS or MFT at least.

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Hello, sorry but I don't think the Q7 will get you through the initial QC submission, Alamy insist that exif data is available on these first pictures, I'm pretty sure it's so they can read the camera model automatically.  There was a thread a while back about first QC not accepting a Fuji X100(F?). I think this was because it was  a newish model and they hadn't updated the list.


I used to use a Panasonic LX3, again small sensor, but my rejection rate when I did my 100% was horrendous, couldn't go over 200 asa. 


So sadly I don't think the Q7 will be commercially viable, but good enough to learn on.

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