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Help! which exif tag field must fill for automatic upload?

Ivan Savini


Hi guys,


I use canon dpp to work on my raw and then gimp.

canon dpp doesen't manage exif tagging, and gimp fill exif data in a manner that don't work automatically for alamy!


Do you know which iptc/exif lightroom fills for caption, author, description and keywords? so I can use an external exif editor before uploading.

or… can I ask you an example image edited with lightroom ready to upload to alamy to see which tag I have to create in my images?

thank's a lot to all! 

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I use Adobe bridge and filling in the Description and Keywords fields which will get your photos to automatically go live after passing QC. Keywords should be separated by commas. I also use Bridge to view my images and check for defects one last time before upload.  It was a free download, but not sure anymore.  Here is a link to try it. https://www.adobe.com/products/bridge.html

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Regardless of what software solution you choose I think it is VERY importation to have as much metadata attached to your RAW files as practical. The RAW file is the source for all processed images so having the metadata inputted at the beginning saves you from needless redundant tasks later on.


As for the metadata I first start by inputting my contact info (name, address, phone, web site, email) and copyright notice. With Adobe Bridge this can be done with a saved metadata template and done in batches.


The two must have fields for Alamy are the Description and Keywords (Tags) fields. As far as I know these are the only two fields Alamy uses.


But I also include a title and origin info such as city, state/province and country. This is more for finding/sorting images in my DAM


Hope this helps,



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