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  1. Hi guys, I use canon dpp to work on my raw and then gimp. canon dpp doesen't manage exif tagging, and gimp fill exif data in a manner that don't work automatically for alamy! Do you know which iptc/exif lightroom fills for caption, author, description and keywords? so I can use an external exif editor before uploading. or… can I ask you an example image edited with lightroom ready to upload to alamy to see which tag I have to create in my images? thank's a lot to all!
  2. As title says, suppose a model during street photography give me release for my own uses... suppose during conversation the model ask me a copy, phisic or, more realistic, digital via email for personal use. I think it's the minimum courtesy to give a copy to the subject…. but I can imagine that in 3minutes that photo will be on some socialnetwork 😞 what you do in this case? send a small dimension copy whit an overlay watermark?
  3. OK, thank you Inchiquin for your time. okay, okay, I understand, I come back in the ranks.
  4. Thank you guys, really. I hope you will excuse me to be petulant but let me imagine this situation in legal terms: One photographer has sold a photo to me with RF license, yes the original photo has still copyright of the owner but is on the market; me or a graphic designer make an artistic job over the photo as part of a new composition, probably the graphic designer sell the image as the new cover of AcDc album for 100millions copy and I... just want sell MY artwork composition in Alamy for who are searching for a cover album photograph. I see a lot of really good
  5. Thank you for the answer Joseph, I agree with you off course, I wrote expressly of royalty free to be sure the original photo has a license less restrictive of mine here on alamy. For example if I want to submit an image good for a cover book with theme "tropical beach" I could have in archive a good foreground but I still need a background with palms that is not in my archive... I know that this is the work made normally by a graphic designer buying two separate images, but, in my mind, to improve my competitivity with millions of images one way can be to give you the "r
  6. Hi to all, the question is: can I buy a cheap royalty free image from a microstock agency to make a collage with mine (for example to change background or sky) and sell here on alamy my image as rights managed for commercial use?
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