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Is this a suitable subject for reportage?



A couple of days ago I was driving along spotted something odd.  It turned out to be a speckled/pied Jackdaw - also known as leucistic Jackdaw.  Now because of where it was and the conditions the ISO is high (1800) and the images are noisy - they would not pass ordinary QC.  However, I am not sure if it is a suitable subject for reportage.  They are rare - and stories on them have appeared in the national dailies before now.  Alamy only has a handful of pictures labelled Leucistic jackdaw and none of them are as impressive as my little chap (and yes I did go back hunting for him the next day ) - I will keep my eyes open and see if I can get better shots but no guarantee.

I would love to get the shots up - but am not sure if this does count as reportage or not

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As its a rare bird I think it is reportage, but an e-mail to the alamys asking for clarification won''t hurt. If you are busy I'd probably just submit it and ask for forgiveness later. 


Somewhere on the web site there is a hint about news picture noise and minor imperfections, it said that if a picture "might pass" QC because of noise it's ok. It is reasonable to apply this test to reportage and take the further  view that if a picture would fail  QC it's not ok.


All you've got to do now is take the picture. Simples.

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