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Double tags

JaniMarkus Hasa


I use Lightroom Classic to tag my images. For some reason, after uploading, tags are doubled on Alamy Image Manager. That makes it impossible to add any new tags before deleting the doubles (at least until there's less than 50 tags left). What I find especially frustrating is that AIM divides my longest multi word tag into individual one word tags - the double, that is, there is always the original multi word tag aswell.


Has this happened to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong? 


I tried to search if this subject has been already answered, but didn't find anything. 

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I use standalone Lightroom 4.4 and add all my captions and keywords there before uploading to Alamy. I've never had any problem with either captions or keywords when uploading images, and certainly nothing like the problem you describe. I usually surround multi-word phrases with double quotes, as well as separating each phrase or word with commas. The only time I have an issue is when I leave out one of a pair of double quotes and it misleads  the import engine into dividing the phrases incorrectly.


If multi word tags are being divided into individual words it suggests some form of punctuation or tab (possibly invisible) is being placed between the words. However, I have no idea what would cause keywords to be duplicated in the way you describe.


The only solution I can think of is to contact Contributor Relations, attach an image which has misbehaved in this way, and ask them to look at the embedded data in the images and see if they can identify what is causing this phenomenon.

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