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Time to seek some feedback and critique please

Kev S

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Just took a peek at the first page of the link below your name.  You have bulk captioned several images that feature the old bridge as your main subject. Those do not show the village...those should be separately captioned featuring the bridge. If you know what type of bridge, say so.

”a ***** bridge crossing the ***** (river/creek) located in the village of **** in (country).

I really like your images. But it doesn’t matter how well-taken they are if you don’t have the proper captions and tags, ones that are very specific to the image, because other than the blind squirrel finding a nut once in awhile, your image of the bridge won’t come up in a search specifically for that type of bridge often enough to make taking it worth your while. Maybe in a search for the village, but the buyer will be looking for an image of the buildings in the village, not the bridge.

For instance, I have one captioned “steel truss bridge” in my caption PLUS tags. Also the name of the river. If you can find the information, have the date when the old bridge was built. Repeat the important tags in both places.

Hope this helps, and sorry I didn’t have time for a more lengthy look-through.


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Just taken a brief look and agree with Betty that there are some nice shots in the collection.


However, and I often find myself saying this when asked to comment on a collection, there is quite a bit of repetition and the quality does vary between shots. e.g. there are 10 photos of the Flying Scotsman locomotive, I would be picking out the best few, and dumping the remainder.  I've been shooting steam locos for over 50 years, and they are not the easiest of subjects, e.g. you have no control of the weather when the train arrives, the wind blows the exhaust over the train  etc. Your pics were taken in difficult circumstances and I would suggest that you take a look at what you are up against with this subject. Then you have 20 shots of the lovely Dyavolski Most bridge, and some are excellent, but the views are very similar. My own collection also contains too many similars, but I do try to restrict my uploads to only the best of my efforts. 

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Thanks Bryan, yes too many similars, the flying scotsman set were live news, now not an avenue anymore  . I have marked some for deletion now. Leaving the bridge ones for now as they are amongst only 3 pages of results but will take on board as I build further submissions. Thanks again for your input. 

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