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Insecure FTP Connection from FileZilla

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Hi Everyone :)


I would like to know exactly what to do with the "Insecure FTP Connection" message, every time I try to use Quickconnect in FileZilla?  I tried to double-check my login credentials and seem to be fine, however, I am trying to decide whether to "Refresh" or "Reconnect" with the server.  There are other people saying that the best solution is to open the "Site Manager" and click on new site, yet I read that it only applies for those who purchase FileZilla, and that they should have information in their e-mail, regarding the issue.  I downloaded FileZilla for free, as it is a free software/program/etc.  I don't understand what is going on, I used to use FileZilla for free back in 2014 when I had my first multimedia (now digital media) course, and it went quite well.  The current FileZilla I am using is FileZilla Client 3.41.2  I see their is an updated 3.42.2, should I update it?  What should I do? What are your suggestions?  Thanks.



Javier :)

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It does say that on my FileZilla as well, every time (I regularly update it, so don't think that is the issue). I must admit I just ignore it. The message doesn't seem to pop up with other FTP connections I file to, but it could just be a bug, not sure. Doesn't seem to have caused any issues so far. (as far as I can tell...)

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Hi imageplotter :) thank you for your advice, it is very helpful, and although I am usually very cautious about any technical issues, I don't think I have anything to loose, besides, FileZilla is a free software, so I will give it a try.




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I've used FZ for years and also ignore the "insecure" warning. I don't think image data is readily hackable, or even useful if it were, but I'd accept the risk for the tremendous convenience of FTP anyway.

Just make sure you drag and drop carefully- I did once drop an "archive" sub into "stock" by accident.

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