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What search term would you use?

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I am doing some keywording on some images to upload and have run into a problem.  I have taken a shot of some bushes lining a riverbank with a hazel tree in bloom in the middle - a glorious covering of yellow catkins against naked branches either side as other species are not even breaking bud yet.  The problem is if I search "hazel tree in spring" or "hazel tree in bloom"  I just get a lot of results showing close-ups of the catkins or at most a section of branches with catkins against the sky.  Now I cannot believe I am the only person to take a photo of the whole tree at this time of year - so what do people describe them as?  How would people search for a shot of a whole hazel tree in bloom?

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If you tag

hazel tree in bloom

whole hazel tree

whole hazel tree in bloom

entire hazel tree in bloom (and other tags with “entire”)

hazel tree with catkins

whole hazel tree with catkins

hazel tree

hazel tree in spring


It will be found.  I have a whole flowering vine and also closeups. In searches, the closeups and whole vines show up and the whole flowering vine has been licensed multiple times.

Don’t sweat it overly much.

Have to say this. “Some people can’t see the tree for the catkins”.  😁


edited to add....nearly all of the searches for my flowering vine was done by the scientific name, so blooms, blooming, whole, entire, etc was not a part of the search.

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Thanks, Betty - I just wanted to make sure there was no common phrase people used that I was missing - it does happen, unfortunately.  I include Latin names as a matter of course,  its the common phrases that I fall down on.


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