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Isolated on white - white point value

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I'm having to do more product type shots for my wife and daughter's artwork. Generating an isolated on white shot isn't a problem, either directly in camera or via Photoshop, but I do wonder whether it's best to set the white background as pure RGB 255,255,255 or is it acceptable to set it slightly lower to avoid the out of gamut warning when I transfer the images back to Lightroom.  Having invested in some appropriate studio lighting equipment I might as well also use it for stock. 


I want to work to accepted standards so any advice would be appreciated.

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Cut out is just that. There are 2 styles: with or without drop shadow aka flat.

So a blown out white, 0%.

If it's for a museum or other art catalogue it's very unusual if they ask for a cut out. Not impossible, but very unlikely. So there it's like 5 or 6% minimum.

I would probably not use that for stock.

However there are some differences in use and for some objects there are different conventions.

Browsing some of the websites of museums and auction houses, I've noticed that cut out to white or to black is used on screen a lot, but not so much on the page.



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Thanks for that, Wim.  Good advice as always. 


I'll be trying a few different styles to show their work off to best effect - it's fun to experiment - but I'll certainly go with pure white isolation (where appropriate) for anything I do for stock.

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