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Good afternoon


My wife showed me how to work with the new Image Manager today, so I began to work on adding keywords.  I have a number of images of fireworks, and one of them is in the green.  So I thought I would take all of the keywords from one image and paste them into my other fireworks photos.  Every time that I try, I get the following error message.


You've exceeded the limit for tags on one or more of your selected images.


Even when I deleted all of the tags on the second image, I still get this message when trying to paste in the keywords on the first image that is in the green.  I looked for a search field on the forum page but couldn't find one.  Any help or link to the answer to this topic would be much appreciated.  Thanks for your help.




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you probably exceeded the allowed number of allowed keywords.
You must also check that when you do this, highlight only the images you want to copy the keywords to. Usually this happens when multiple images are highlighted at the same time.
I hope I have been of help

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