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Lens hood for Sony 16-50

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If anyone is looking for a 40.5mm lens hood for the Sony 16-50 "pancake" zoom lens, I can recommend this inexpensive one.


Mine arrived today, and I took it for a test drive. No vignetting and the hood is big enough to make a difference. The a6000 is also not that much bulkier with it on. Well made product for the low price.

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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

Thanks John, useful to know. If I made more use of the 16-50 I would buy this.  It's the only lens I have without a hood.


Not sure how much the hood will actually do to help prevent flare, but it looks good on the lens. B)


Actually, I just wanted to start a thread about something totally trivial -- "trivia relief" I guess you might call it.

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