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As a relative newcomer to the forum I was just wondering if there had been any discussion or thoughts about wikimedia commons.


I had a discussion with a lady a while ago who thought that it was a brilliant idea to be able to put you r images onto the internet, and the anyone could use them free of charge!


Needless to say I had to bite my tongue.


I suppose it's inevitable that these free images will be used by picture editors, but hopefully they won't detract too much from all of our incomes. 

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Wikimedia Commons have been around a long time - and are relatively clear about the correct usage of images, for both users and providers.  As someone who has run small, non-profit websites on absolute zero budget I have found them useful - although their stock is limited.  There are plenty of other providers of "free" images out there who are far less transparent about the licencing and plenty of amateur photographers have been caught out finding they have inadvertently signed away copyright just by using a service to host their photos.

I have no problem with the concept of giving up copyright on my images - so long as it is totally within my control.  I would not have an issue with providing for Wikimedia because they are transparent (same with writing).  Wikimedia are unlikely to be any sort of threat to stock - their library is relatively tiny because they only want 1 or 2 images of each subject and their focus is meeting their own illustrative needs not providing others.  

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