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Max compressd file size

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10 hours ago, MDM said:

This hasn't applied in years. In fact I have never seen it. There doesn't appear to be any limit except for the 200MB pixel dimensions (uncompressed size) limit. 


Thanks. That's what I thought. I guess that Alamy SizeCheck hasn't been updated in years either. As mentioned, the program still marks 25+ MB files as "Failed."

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I have had problems with uploading panoramas recently. My default uploader is Filezilla and have never had a problem with it. I haven't had a QC failure in nearly four years. I just started making panoramas and tried uploading them and had a number of strange failures. What happens is, I set up a folder of images to upload, run Filezilla and select the images to upload to the Stock directory. Everything runs smoothly and Filezilla reports a successful completion of the upload. When I check in the Alamy Image Manager, however, it takes ages for the files to begin to show up and they don't all show up right away. It can take several hours or even overnight for a directory of panoramas to appear in the manager. When they do, its not all at once, they come in by ones and twos. Furthermore, not all the images show up. Recently I uploaded seven panoramas which Filezilla reported as successful but only five ultimately showed up in the manager. All five passed QC, which took almost a week but the other two just never showed up. They didn't fail QC, it appears they never even made it into the process.

My panoramas range in size from 26Mb to 109Mb, compressed file size. This would be way below the 200Mb compressed limit which, in any event, applies only to 360 panoramas.

To illustrate my problem, I have analyzed two files, one that uploaded and passed QC and one which vanished into the ether:

File Name               Stock-22_D85S2_3444-471         Stock-22_D85S2_3136-161
Size on disk                      83.6Mb                                         84.8Mb
Size, uncompressed        540.4Mb                                        470Mb
Width                               33680px                                        29848px
Height                             5608px                                           5504px
Pixel size                        180MP                                            157MP
Upload status                  Disappeared                                   Success


In terms of compressed file size, the larger file uploaded successfully while the smaller one did not. Not that there is a huge difference. The unsuccessful file is clearly larger in terms of uncompressed size, pixel width and overall pixel size.

Just as a test, I tried uploading the failed files via the Alamy web based uploader. Never got anything but a permanent spinning doughnut and had to close the browser after several hours just to break out of it.

If Alamy has an upper size limit for non-360 degree panoramas or regular image files, I can't find it. I hope somebody can shed some light on this.  

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