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'Multiple Values' but only one image selected

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Anyone else seeing this - I've got only one image selected but the 'Do you have model releases' field is showing 'Multiple Values'.  How is that possible?  It's happened a couple of times tonight but I'm not sure why.  Not a problem as I can select yes or no (invariably the latter) as usual but I'm just curious.




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It's not a new issue - I noticed it some time ago (months), but it never bothered me so I have not reported it anywhere.  It seems to happen if you initially have several images selected, and then deselect some so that only one is left: AIM does not seem to recognise that the others are no longer selected.  I checked that altering the entry on the remaining one would not affect those previously selected, found it did not and therefore resolved not to worry about it any further.  I am pretty sure I have seen it in relation to the number of people field and possibly also categories, but I cannot be entirely sure: it seems to be a minor bug with no practical consequences.



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