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Is there any way we can recognise a legit Alamy partner? I've found one of my Alamy watermarked files on a site which looks very dubious*. Underneath it isthe Alamy file number, but there doesn't seem to be any linkthrough I can find. Surely a partner would need to have a linkthrough?

*but has a copyright page all to itself!
I'm suspicious and will contact CR, but thought I should check first.

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8 hours ago, wiskerke said:

You mean the distributors?

Or participants in the new affiliate program? No idea how to find those. Checking seems easy though: the images will link to an Alamy page.



Sorry, I meant affiliates. There are no link-throughs. It's a very weird site - I have NO idea what its intentions are (though it might be crammed with ads I can't see because of AdBlock), and I've found two other identical sites except that the contact email name is different. I suspect it's not in a legislation Alamy will pursue, but the only contacts are the email addresses and the fact the sites are registered througth Tucows. Ho-hum. Thanks.

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